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Wills and probate

We can offer guidance on all aspects of wealth management – inheritances, successions, trusts, wills and estate planning. We also can help with the creation on your Lasting Power of Attorney and probate.

We estimate our fees as per the following:

  • Basic single Will - £150 + Vat

  • Mirror Will - £240 + Vat

  • Life interest trust Mirror Will - £450 + Vat

  • Deed of Variation - £500 - £1000 + Vat

  • Lasting Power of Attorney for Property and Financial and Health and Welfare - £200 + Vat for each power. Disbursements at OPG - £82 (or less if on qualifying benefits or income less than £12,000 per annum).


Charges for administering a estate can vary from £1250 + Vat (for a Probate only service with a limited retainer) upwards, depending on complexity, whether the estate is taxable, the number of assets, liabilities and number of beneficiaries involved.

The following disbursements may apply:

  • Probate registry fee: £155

  • Fee for additional copies of grants £0.50

  • Section 27 Trustee Act statutory notices: £200 to £400

  • Bankruptcy searches on beneficiaries: £3

  • Property valuation fee carried out by a surveyor: around £200.

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We deal with residential and commercial conveyancing including freehold and leasehold. We can also assist with transfer of ownership, equity release, re-mortgaging and equity release. We are proud to be recognised as a quality standard for residential conveyancing– the Conveyancing Quality Scheme seal of approval. 

We usually charge on the basis of a fixed price ranging from £700 - £2,500 depending on the time we expect to spend working on your transaction and the potential complexity of work involved. 

The following disbursements may apply:

  • Search fees: in the region of £600 for a full residential search pack. The cost of the pack will vary depending on where in the country the property is located.

  • Bankruptcy search fee: £2 per person + Vat.

  • Land registry priority search: £3 + Vat.

  • HM Land Registry fee: between £40 - 910 depending on the type of application and whether the property is registered or unregistered.

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Family and Matrimonial

Ending a marriage or civil partnership can be highly stressful. Apart from emotional issues there are practical matters that have to be dealt with – such as finances, property or business interests. We can help with your divorce and financial needs.

Free/fixed fee first appointment - Subject to availably, we are able to offer you a free initial appointment to discuss your matrimonial situation (limited to 15 minutes duration). 

If you then wish to proceed with the consultation then a charge will apply of £56.25 per 15 minutes plus Vat.

So, for example, if the total consultation lasts 30 minutes the charge of £56.25 + Vat will apply. For a consultation of 45 minutes the charge will be £112.50 + Vat.

After this consultation, if you decide you would like to take the matters further with us then we can help you with that.

We can then offer you a range of fixed fees in relation to divorce and for dealing with financial matters arising from the divorce. Please note that the free initial appointment/fixed fee first appointment does not cover the cost of any follow up work such as writing to your spouse/civil partner.

Divorce petition (uncontested): for a fixed fee of £700 + Vat we will deal with the following:

  • A meeting or a number of meetings with a solicitor up to 1 hour.

  • Preparation of your divorce petition and supporting documentation.

  • Preparation of documents to apply for the decree absolute.

  • Preparation of documents for the application for the decree absolute.

  • Corresponding with the court and your spouse/civil partner and his/her solicitors where necessary in connection with the divorce.

  • Keeping you informed as to the progress of the case throughout.

Please note the following are not included in the fixed fee:

  • If the divorce becomes contested by your spouse/civil partner.

  • Dealing with a divorce with a foreign element.

  • Dealing with a divorce based on adultery where a co-respondent is named in the divorce petition.

  • Making changes to your divorce petition after it has been issued by the court.

  • Proceedings or correspondence to resolve financial matters.

  • Proceedings or correspondence relating to children.

  • The personal service of any documents on your spouse/civil partner.

  • The cost of any work in locating your spouse.

  • Obtaining a duplicate copy of your marriage certificate if you are unable to provide us with the original.

  • Any court fees including the fee for issuing the divorce petition (currently £593) but note that you may qualify for remission or exemption of this fee.